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We can insure your RV whether it is stationary or used on the road. To offer you the right guarantee, remember to tell us the use and if your RV still has its wheels or if it is anchored to the ground with concrete blocks.

5th wheel or motorized?

If your RV is motorized, it must be registered in Florida so that we can insure it and the mandatory guarantees will be the same as for a car*

If it is a 5th wheel, regardless of the place of registration, we will be able to offer you the insurance package best suited to the use you make of your RV. No guarantee is mandatory.

How to insure your 5th wheel?

The Comprehensive guarantee compensates you in the event of damage following fire, climatic disaster, theft, vandalism... The Collision guarantee reimburses you for repairs to your RV if it is damaged on the road, whether you are responsible or the person responsible runs away.

We will also offer you Liability coverage while your RV is parked (if it is on the road, it is the liability of the car towing it that comes into play; check with your car insurer that your 5th wheel is in good condition declared).

A question?

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