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Good to know

We offer annual contracts, for personal or commercial use.  
The cost of your contract will depend on many factors, such as the value of your boat, its power, the waters in which you sail, where your boat is moored and, of course, your experience as an operator.
Depending on the year of your boat, many insurers may require an out-of-water survey.
Jet ski insurance follows the same rules as boat insurance.

Use of your boat

Yachting activity, bareboat charter, captain hired...


It's very important to specify the use you intend to make of your boat, as not all companies offer commercial insurance.


You should also specify whether you receive clients on your boat, as this may have an impact on the clauses of your contract.

What to insure?

Your contract will include third-party liability coverage, depending on the use of the boat.

Theft and hurricanes are the 2 major risks in Florida, and these coverages may be excluded from the contract, subject to special conditions or subject to a deductible separate from the other risks.

A question?

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