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Commercial or professional insurances cover a particularly large field and vary depending on your sector and the nature of the risks against witch you must protect you or your business from.

Intergroupe USA focuses on ensuring that you properly understand your coverage. A perusal of your policy paperwork and a quick call to our experts will set you in the right direction. We will happily provide you with a quote adapted to your specific profession and activity and according to your unique needs. Our policies enable you to be covered regardless of your sector: fabrication, commerce, transport, property management, education, non-for-profit organizations…

Counseling Activity

Do you practice in the field of counseling or property management? You must purchase an insurance policy for “Errors and Omissions” which will cover you if you are found negligent in the setting of your professional activity. This coverage is indispensable (and often mandatory) as the jurisprudence on this subject is abundant.

Office, Warehouse, Store

As soon as you have premises or warehouses or fabricate a product, your legal liability can be engaged: a product causing damages to one of your consumers, a client injured while on your premises… The possibilities are endless and the General Liability covers you in case of corporal or physical damages occurring in your offices, factories, or warehouses. This coverage also covers the damages that can be caused by the product you fabricate or commercialize.


Are you organizing an event for your company or your organization? An insurance specific to the day of your event or during its preparation is most likely necessary and often required by the venue where the event will occur.

For Entrepreneurs

Regardless of profession or sector of activity, you need insurance for your premises, car fleet, and Worker’s Compensation.
As the diversity of risks and policies is quite large, contact us for more information!

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