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Leg Injury

LIABILITY Insurance 
in Florida

Good to know

Liability insurance is essential to protect your assets and your current or future income. This coverage can be included in your home, car, boat or commercial policy or taken out separately. In a society where the number of legal actions continues to increase, it is important that you are well protected.

What can happen?

Your tenant, a visitor slips on your property and gets injured! It's the typical "slip and fall" accident. You rent one of your properties and notify the tenant of their future eviction. However, you have not respected the deadlines and formalities required by law and you risk being attacked for “wrongful eviction”.
One of your guests who has had one too many drinks leaves your home and takes his car home. On the way, he has an accident which causes damage.

What coverage?

Liability insurance covers you if you are declared responsible following a court decision and also covers your defense costs which can add up very quickly.

Consider Umbrella insurance which increases the  Liability coverage that you might have on your personal policies.

Personal or Commercial Liability? Contact us to know more about the type of coverage you'd need, depending on your situation.

A question?

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