Home insurance in Florida

Insurance for your home, permanent or seasonal occupation

Whether you live in your home all year long, only during the holidays or even if you rent it out as an income property, you will need to insure your investments in the event of a potential loss or should you ever be found liable for property damage or bodily injury to a third party.

Intergroupe USA focuses on ensuring that you properly understand your coverage. A perusal of your policy paperwork and a quick call to our experts will set you in the right direction.   We will happily provide you with a quote adapted to your specific situation and according to your unique needs.  The main coverage we might propose would be:


Covers your dwelling building and attached structures such as your garage. Your coverage amount is based on the cost of total reconstruction from debris removal up. This amount will differ from the real estate or sale value of your home and doesn’t take the land value into consideration.

Other Structures

Covers the structures on your land that are not attached to your home, such as a storage shed or a garage. This section is generally insured up to a limit based on a percentage of the dwelling building.

Personal Property

Covers your personal property and contents situated inside your home, i.e. clothing, appliances and furniture. This coverage may be provided on a replacement cost basis or on an actual cash value basis. Should you have high value objects such as paintings, art pieces, jewels or fur, we will propose extra coverage in the form of an endorsement.

Loss of Use

Provides indemnity for additional living expenses, or loss of rent, if you temporarily are unable to live in or rent your house following a covered loss.

Personal Liability

Such an important aspect of your residential insurance policy, this section covers bodily injury or property damage for which you are found legally liable. This coverage does not extend to the people living with you, and notes certain exclusions such as damage caused by the use of an automobile, or professional activities if no specific coverage is added.

Good to know: Your insurance will also cover your defense costs according to the conditions of the contract!

Medical Payments to Others

Regardless of liability, this section pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses should someone be injured on your property. As with the civil liability section, this coverage does not cover persons living with you and has many of the same exclusions which are found on your policy and can be explained to you by our team.

Jewelry, antiques, high value items…

Some optional coverage is available for your antiques, precious jewelry, or high value pieces you may want to specifically insure. It’s important to let us know about these items so we can offer adequate coverage.

What is covered?

Depending on your policy, losses by fire, lightning, vandalism, theft and hurricane can be covered.
Sinkhole loss coverage might be also available, as well as flood coverage.
Flood is a major risk in Florida even if your home is not located in a flood zone. You might consider adding these endorsements especially if you are close to the water.
The deductible may vary according to the risk involved.
Be sure to pay close attention to the exclusions in your contract as certain policies exclude hurricanes and others exclude theft. Each insurer has their form so let us help you choose what’s right for you!

Good to know

On the declarations page of your policy, you will find the list of your coverage and the amount (limits) for which you are covered.
Limits and exclusions might apply, especially if your house is unoccupied during the year of if you do not have any security or alarm in place.
We can help you navigate these uncertainties.

At Intergroupe USA,

Our team is bilingual French-English. All quotes, contracts, premiums, and coverage will be explained to you in the language of your choice for a better of your insurance.
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Chez Intergroupe USA,

Our team is bilingual French-English. Your quotes, contracts, premiums, and coverage will be explained to you in the language of your choice to enable you to fully understand your insurance.
A question?
Contact us directly by phone

+1 786 618 5901