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A little bit of history

Intergroupe was founded in Quebec, Canada in 1996 by 3 brokers specialized in property insurance with the ambition to become the largest banner on the Quebec market.

In October 2015, Sylvain Racine, Louis Cyr, Christian Foisy and Bernard Laporte, 4 dynamic insurance professionals, took over Intergroupe with great enthusiasm and many projects in mind. Today, 80 brokers have joined the banner and serve over 500,000 individual and professional clients.

At the end of 2016, Intergroupe decided to launch USA in Florida to offer brokers from the banner and their clients robust and trustworthy insurance policies in the United States.

The launch of Intergroupe USA was entrusted to Sophie Jamet, an insurance professional for over 20 years and a Miami resident for 7 years.

True to the values that have led to the prosperity of Intergroupe in Canada, Intergroupe USA’s mission is to bring a quality service to its clients based on a just analysis of their insurance needs, offer the best policy for an appropriate price, and uphold the promise that their belongings will be protected in case of damages or if they were found liable in an accident.

Special Insurance Brokers

If you are an insurance professional in Canada and wish to entrust the insurance of your clients’ personal or professional possessions, we can help!

1/ Your client is an individual who possesses a condo, a house, a car, or a boat in Florida: Contact us with their information and we will take in charge the analysis of their insurance needs while keeping you informed of the policies we offer them.

2/ Your client is a professional with offices, warehouses, or professional activities in the United States that you cannot cover due to legal reasons. We can assist you in the setting of the Admitted Paper procedure. Contact us to obtain more information about this service.

If you are a member of Intergroupe in Québec, exclusive advantages are available to you. Contact Intergroupe to learn more or to join the most dynamic banner in Quebec.

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Our Commitment Charter

  • A bilingual French English service.

  • An in-depth explanation of your coverage options.

  • Accompaniment through every step of your insurance: during the quote, during the enrollment, and in case of accidents or claims.

  • Regular review of your policies to insure your coverage always fits your unique situation.

  • At Intergroupe USA, we provide you with a detailed explanation of your policy in your language (French or English), including what is or is not included in said contract. No unpleasant surprises in case of claims.

For Individuals

  • Home and Condo Insurance: owner occupied, tenant occupied, renter; principal or secondary residence.

  • Mobile-home Insurance.

  • Car, RV, and recreational vehicles Insurance.

  • Boat Insurance.

  • Umbrella – Liability.

For Professionals and Organizations

  • Insurance for your offices.

  • Insurance for your rental park.

  • Insurance for your car fleet.

  • Liability.

  • Errors and Omissions (E&O).

  • Events.

  • For all professions and sectors of activity.

With Intergroupe USA,

No surprises come claim time.
We will take the time to fully explain the conditions and exclusions of your contract in French or English as you prefer.


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A question?
Contact us directly by phone

+1 786 618 5901